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Small and perfectly formed, Moogaloo is a creative wonderland where cutting edge technical knowledge meets freedom of expression.

This allows us to construct unique brand stories, successful online strategies and beautiful digital worlds for a range of clients across the UK, Australia and the US.

Andy Marshall

“Andy is passionate about all things to do with websites – his attention to detail is meticulous.”
Bob Brown

5 more things you should know about Andy. He…

1. Describes himself as a technical artist and textural scientists
2. Benefits from a family name that was randomly given to his grandfather, who was found abandoned at the circus
3. Is passionate about real ale and often brews his own
4. Wanted to be an astronaut when he was growing up – and can still name and draw all the planets
5. Has won £400 and an ipad2 but has never bought a lottery ticket


We’re a digital design boutique. That means we’re small, stylish and perfectly placed to help you make an impact online.

Whether your brand is new, old or underperforming, we can bring it to life in the following ways…


From developing your brand story to creating a strategy, logo and brand guidelines, we’ll do whatever your brand needs to make it more engaging.

Web Design

Combining technical science with creative flair, we can design and build you a website that looks beautiful, ranks well in search engines and runs like a dream.

Copy Writing

Whether you need a blog or content for an entire website, our copywriting service can adhere to or develop your brand’s tone of voice and help you sell your products or services online.


Expert in portraits, products and pack shots, our photographer will capture the essence of your brand and produce a range of images that show what you do in the best possible light.


From pre-launch activity like site build and copywriting to post-launch help with pay per click and natural search, we use the latest SEO techniques to help you stand out from the crowd online.

Social Media

It isn’t enough just to tweet about what you’re cooking for dinner. We can help you plan a social media campaign that will drive customers to your website and increase the strength of your brand.

Internet Marketing

Whether it’s banner ads, direct mail or a web based strategy, we’ll work out the best way for you to market yourself online and help you bring that vision to life with jaw dropping design.


From shooting footage to editing a polished final cut, we can help you create video content that will engage your audience and add another dimension to your online presence.


Specialists in local, national, consumer and trade campaigns, our PR expert can help you raise awareness of your brand through print, broadcast and online media.

Contact us today if you need help with any of the above


Working with us is a simple process. If we’re designing and building a website for you, we won’t limit your choices to an arbitrary number of revisions. We’ll keep going until the site is perfect.

Using industry standard Version Control Software and the ExpressionEngine content management system [CMS], we’ll tailor your site to your needs whilst making sure it stays stable and on budget.

We also use the latest technology for site building. Using freshest HTML5 and CSS2.1 & 3 allows us to create sites that are accessible on all browsers and formats including smart phones, tablets and laptops.

When it comes to billing, we have adopted a fixed price model so you know that when you hire us, there won’t be any hidden costs to worry about.


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