4 things that made me laugh out loud today


Time to read: 2 minutes

Today's been a bit frustrating - technical bugs with a website wiped out the best part of the day, but the internet's full of funny things. Funny, in the "lol" sense of the word that is.

Number 1: I'm aware that this is kinda self defeating as you'll click it anyway, but I'm hiding this pic. If you have a strong stomach for disturbing pictures, go for it, but you have been warned - you cannot un-see this! "ARGH! MY EYES"

Number 2: A video depicting upcoming Election heavyweights Obama vs Romney (with Abe Lincoln and an eagle making an appearance) (potentially NSFW):

Number 3: Apparently (according to a friend of mine) "the Germans must do this a lot, because they have a word for it... schadenfreude".

Number 4: Job titles for those in what might loosely be referred to as the web design industry can get a bit creative, after all, who wants to be just a web designer?! Here's some examples of the job titles and day to day  demands our jobs involve:

If you'd like a title like this, head over to the helpful Web 2.0 Job title Generator and grab one for yourself.

Bonus lol: Not so much today, but while we're in a political mood, this meme did also raise a few laughs earlier this week:


Edit: Late entry, but this made me amused me somewhat too - Payment Reminder Emails the @cole007 way.