Create, co-operate, evade and explore - four video games from E3 that break the mould


Time to read: 2 minutes

Earlier this month was video gamer heaven with the E3 conference taking place over in LA.

E3 is typically a chance for all the big publishers to showcase their next-gen, big-budget, big-title games like Halo 5, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny and (top of my list) Assassin's Creed Unity. Whilst the trend for these games is typically violent first person shooter types with hollywood actors and budgets to match, there were however plenty of other games to enjoy that break the mould. Here's a few of them:

No Man's Sky
A game of pure adventure and discovery, travel around an infinite universe generated on the fly, interact with other players and explore countless planets and star systems - this was the surprise game of E3 that everyone was getting excited about.

Alien Isolation
Instead of recreating a standard shooter style "Aliens" expereince, Alien Isolation focuses on stealth and survival, reproducing the psychological suspense and horror of the first film "Alien" - whilst there are guns in this game, if you've got to the point of using one on the alien you've kinda lost already.

Little Big Planet 3
Sackboy returns with three new friends in this fun, co-operative game that allows players to create their own world using elements of electronics, logic, physics, materials, gravity, AI... and lots of stickers.

The Division

OK, this one is all about guns, but it's got me so excited I had to include it. Set in the near future, the game starts 22 days after New York falls to a deadly virus - players are working together to restore order to the city. The trailer is so evocative, so detailed, conveys so much heartbreak and emotion without a single gun shot being fired (which is my justification for including it here!) - everytime I watch it I get goosebumps.