Instagram add new creative tools to their app


Time to read: Under a minute

Looks like Instagram have taken a leaf out of VSCOCam's book and beefed up their filters and adjustments.

All the old presets are still there, as are the tilt shifts and rotations, but now we can also select how much of any one filter you add, to play with the temperature, brightness, contrast and saturation. On top of that, additional vignette, highlight and shading effects can be added.

Since video was added (around the time Vine came about) and direct messaging was added (around when Snapchat was at it's peak), Instagram seem to be following their parent company's model of doing everything their competitors are doing to stay on top of their game.

Still, it's a nice app, I loved using it for the #100HappyDays project, and I'm pretty sure they've also finally fixed the awful grainy compression the tilt shift blurs did in the old version of the Android app.