Websites are one of those cases of “you get what you pay for”.


Time to read: 2 minutes

I could go into a corner shop and pick up a processed ready-meal - it'll no doubt fill me up, give me a bit of energy, but best not look at the ingredients - salt, additives, sugar, MSG, colourings… all manner of filler designed to make cheap, poor quality food made palatteable enough to stomach.

I could instead think about what I actually want to eat. I'd go to a proper food shop, buy fresh ingredients, spend time preparing them and cooking them. I could think about what goes into my food, I can experiment with flavours and learn more about the cooking process. I can think about what drink might go with it and spend time enjoying that food I made from scratch.

Sure it probably cost me a bit more, it certainly took longer to prepare, but at least I knew it was healthy, well made and not loaded with a chemical-cocktail. I also got the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing I got to create something how I wanted it.

In that sense I got far more than just what I paid for.

It's the same thing with web design. A cheap template might serve a short term goal, but is it really meeting all your requirements? Instead of growing your business, it might even be losing you customers. Spending more time considering the content and working closely with a professional web designer will give you better results when it comes to brand confidence, SEO rankings, user satisfaction and website performance.