Why websites are investments, not costs.


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Websites are far too often seen as a one off expenditure or cost and not an investment that, when done correctly, will actually make you money.

The Guardian have just written a piece on this idea, citing the recently redesigned M&S website as an example of where a website was seen as a singular big project and in doing so took too long to make and missed out on what their users actually wanted.

Read the full article here - From Obamacare to Marks & Spencer: when websites go wrong

From the Guardian:
"In our world, it's about agile development – designing, failing fast, optimising. You don't go for a 'ta-daaaa!' event." - David Hamilton of Dog Digital

The internet age requires a whole new way of thinking about selling products, says Stevenson. "Too many organisations still think in 'projects', when the reality of business is that these are actually digital products, and need to be managed as such over the lifetime of the digital product."