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Signs of life

Signs of life

Is your website alive and working? I don’t just mean is it up-and-running for the world to see. I mean, is it really helping you generate more income and helping you grow your business?

Think about it. A stuffed animal just sits there so people can look at it. But that doesn’t make it alive and doing its thing. However lifelike it might seem, you can tell just by a glance that there’s nothing behind those glazed eyes. It doesn’t really DO anything.

You need to be able to check that your website isn’t just sat there like a stuffed animal for people to look at. You need to be able to measure how well it’s performing and that the money you invested in it was worth every penny.

And if your website is just sat there without a pulse, it’s hard to know what damage it could be doing to your brand. Do you want your brand to look weathered and out-of-date, or fresh and ready for business?

Here are 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to help check your website for signs of life...

How to check your website for signs of life


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